Time Management Tips for Working Moms

Here are a few tips to prevent Working Mom Burnout:

1. Dedicate time to sleep!

This can be really difficult to accomplish, yes, but if you do nothing else, prioritise your sleep needs. Being under-rested leads to under-productivity and irritable moods, which will carry forward to other commitments you might have. Like any other meeting or appointment, schedule your sleep and follow it well so you can function the next day, and give it your all too. (Enforce bedtime for your kids too! It’s a win-win for everybody.).

2. Embrace The word “No” and the power it comes with.

You don’t have the overachieving mother or employee; there really isn’t a need to volunteer at all the field trips or to take a part in every additional work project that may be out there. It’s a tough call to say no — to feel like you’re missing out on being the best mother or the best employee — but it’s a great skill to frees up time you wouldn’t have otherwise. Not only does it teach your kids about setting boundaries and limits, it also reinforces the importance of priorities and sticking to them even as you grow with your kids.

3. Let go of perfectionism.

We often spend too much time on something worry about small, minor details that no one else would even realise or care about. Don’t worry about the perfect birthday party, the perfect project, the perfect house or the perfect you. Perfect doesn’t really exist, and is therefore unattainable. Trust me when I say that the best effort you can make is perfect as it is. If you’re giving your all, there should be nothing left to regret.

4. Don’t let schedules bleed.

Establish sane working hours and commit to them. If you’re self-employed, be disciplined in assigning time to your family and your work. If you’re signing on for a role, validate and set expectations with your employer beforehand. Many working mothers reserve nights and weekends for family, and you would be totally right to do so! This allows both you and your boss to know what to anticipate should they want to get in touch after-hours.

5. Don’t forget to have fun!

You need to relax to prevent burnout at home and at work. Conscientiously make time for vacations and long weekends to keep you breezy and sane. Be it family vacations or solo breaks, a positive outlook and mindset will make life a lot more manageable; on top of that, it will increase your productivity when you decide to jump back into work, or be more present in your family life.



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