A Time Capsule of Precious Childhoods

Becoming a parent is an exciting journey. It comes with a whole lot of ups and downs and if you are a first-time parent, it is likely that you will be bombarding your own parents with tons of questions on taking care of a newborn. However, oftentimes your parents would have long forgotten how it was like to take care of you as a newborn. If only they had kept a journal or a record of some sort that you can refer to for guidance.

That is why journalling your child or children’s memories and progress as they grow up is not just a beautiful keepsake, it is also useful for when they grow up and have their own family. Even if you are an adoptive parent, grandparent or guardian, it is a wonderful activity to record milestones in your own unique voice for future reading and reminiscing.

Undoubtedly, it is not an easy task to journal whilst taking care of a baby or toddler. Your days are likely to flash by in a blur of mishaps, fussing, cleaning, feeding and burping. Penning down thoughts and key happenings will provide you with time to decompress, reflect and make sense of the day. It will even help you remember and appreciate the little joys in mundane moments longer than you would expect. Journalling with pen and paper has truly become such an under-rated activity in the fast and modern world we live in today. Many do not realise that it can be extremely therapeutic and calming to the soul.

Eventually, the journal will find its way into your child or children’s hands when they are slightly older. How loved and treasured they would feel as they thumb through pages recording their first words, their silly adventures and misadventures, their challenges, their triumphs and their childhood friends. It is said that a journal of their childhood will create a sense of unity and safety with their parents and caretakers that mould their identity and supports their sense of belonging. Through your words, they begin to understand who they are and become secure in themselves.

Because the journal has to last for years, even decades, without too much wear and tear, it is advisable to get a high-quality childhood journal such as Revel’s Childhood Memories Journal. The lovely linen hardcover journal comes with a beautiful keepsake box and can be filled out over six whole years. Bound in gold electroplate wire binding, it allows for expansion to hold many photos and small memorabilia, making it an excellent option for childhood journals.

Ready to begin? Know that journalling does have to be overly detailed or complex. After all, it can be very time-consuming and you do not want to burn out by the time you have your second or third child. Simply write from your heart and jot down short blurbs of memorable moments over the years. Over time, these little writings come together to tell a wonderful story of your child or children’s upbringing.

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